vaal de grace nature estate

Natural, high-level security...
The island is a natural haven of indigenous flora and fauna, home to ovew 300 species of birds and a wide variety of small mamals.  Stroll along the winding roads, taking in a variety of buck, otters, meerkat, dassies and rock hares.

Nature Estate Vision

To ensure that our island nature estate remains a precious eco sanctuary and tranquil and secure home environment for all owners and occupants to enjoy.

A lifestyle where you can actively play a meaningful role in the environment, while enjoying a secure and peaceful home ... this is Vaal de Grace Nature Estate.


Nature Estate Mission

To pro-actively protect and re-establish the natural environment of Vaal de Grace Nature Estate.

Animal life will be encouraged to roam freely, unhindered by us the owners.

Vaal de Grace Nature Estate Map

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Island retreat

This private residential nature estate offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to combine a serene, quite lifestyle with the added benefit of a secure guarded island retreat.  If it's "back to nature" you desire, we have it for you.